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Kamenashi Kazuya; Profile & Plotting

Name: Miranda/Kaiamira
LJ: [info]Kaiamira (further contact info in that profile)

Name: Kamenashi Kazuya
Age: 17
Personal History: Kame was born in Tokyo to a salaryman father and a housewife mother. From a young age, he grew drastically attached to his mother, and looked to her for guidance and love. Since she was not a housewife by choice (she abandoned both her degree and any sort of job to get married at her husband's suggestion), Kame's mother set academic and social success on a very high pedestal. Essentially, she pressured Kame to be well-rounded and excel in everything he attempted, even when he was just a baby.

Despite this, Kame loved his mother dearly, and did everything he could to impress her and win her praise. He worked hard to always remain in the top ten students through primary and middle school, and was involved in all kinds of extracurriculars. He joined the baseball team in high school, and soon found himself with a multitude of friends.

In his second year of high school, Kame noticed a change in his home life. Though he had never been especially close to his father, things grew even more distanced. More than once he heard low arguing, and he often walked in on his mother crying for no reason. Eventually Kame found out that his father was cheating on his mother.

From that day on, no matter what Kame did, his mother never smiled the same way, or praised him the same way. She crumbled into a hollow shell before his very eyes, showing no emotion except when she was fighting with Kame's father more and more violently.

On his last day of school that year, Kame came home and found his mother dead. She had killed herself through drug overdose.

The loss of the one person that loved him the most shattered Kame completely. He grew less and less interested in socializing and academics, and things took a turn for the worse when his father, barely six months after the funeral, moved in the woman he had been sleeping with along with her own teenage son.

Refusing to go to school, Kame was visited by a physician in his home, and was diagnosed as a hikikomori. A month later, his father presented an option: go to school, or be hospitalized. Kame chose the latter.

Personality: Kame is a very strange individual; he has many facades, and acts the way he wants to according to how much he respects and trusts another person. He generally hates answering questions about himself or being reminded of his family, especially his mother's death. He takes pleasure in simple things, like manga and listening to music, with an almost childlike happiness. He usually only smiles when he's alone.

Plotting: So... this is Kame. XD He needs friends and love. <3 He's easily found in his room, or tucked away in some place he shouldn't be, like behind an unused desk or in a storage closet playing videogames or reading.


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